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Advice – Questions and Answers

The foot comprises of 26 bones and is supported by a network of soft tissues (including ligaments, muscle and tendons). These are often overworked and this results in serious foot pain.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions at our Clinic.

 Why should I seek footcare advice?

A. Care of your feet is essential and lack of attention may lead to you seeking professional help. Health issues such as Diabetes, Arthritis and Poor Circulation often result in severe foot problems such as infections and ulcerations (deep tissue damage with infection), these can become debilitating if left untreated.

 Do I need a GP referral to see a Chiropodist or Podiatrist?

A. No, most patients can self refer; some are even sent via GP’s or other Health Professionals.

 What type of problems do you treat?

A. The Clinic treats all foot and lower limb related issues –

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 What is the best way to treat an ingrowing nail?

A. If the problem is reoccurring or has become infected then a procedure using local anaesthetic can treat the offending nail. However, most nail problems may not be ingrowing, some are through damage (trauma) or fungal/bacterial infections resulting in disfigured nails. Seek professional help from your Chiropodist to treat them.

 Can I get something from the Chemist to treat my feet?

A. Yes, but sometimes professional advice or treatment is further required to help the patient. Time spent professionally will prove cost effective long term for you.

 I am Diabetic. Why is it important to look after my feet?

A. If your sugar levels are high (Hyperglycaemia) Diabetes can cause lots of problems not just with your feet. If left untreated, problems may become very serious very quickly with some people getting acute infections or gangrene if not seen professionally. Remember, if you are Diabetic get a foot health check regularly and Treat Your Feet!. Give them the same attention you would your eyes or teeth.

 I have bad heel pain. Can laser help me?

A. Yes, depending on how long or how painful it is –

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 Is the treatment painful?

A. No, laser treatment is painless, quick and easy to undergo –

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At Regents Park Foot Clinic we offer an extensive Chiropody / Podiatry service for all foot problems.

Please be aware that at present credit card payments are not available (cash or cheque accepted only).

Should you wish to claim via your Insurance Company for treatment please check with your Insurance Provider first to see if you are covered.